ASUS C300 Chromebook Education Edition

At Promevo, we were very excited when the evaluation model of the ASUS C300 Chromebook (ASUS C300MA-EDU) arrived. We had just run its sister model, the ASUS C200 Chromebook (Asus C200MA-DS01 /Asus C200MA-EDU), through the gauntlet and were anxious to see how the ASUS C300 would perform. We were not disappointed.

What is in the ASUS C300 Chromebook Box?

(1) ASUS C300 Chromebook (1) Power Adapter (type A)

*Note: This evaluation model is the Education edition and did not include the standard contents that will be included when the C300 hits the shelves.

ASUS C300 Chromebook

ASUS C300 EDU Specifications

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Google+ Browsing. We also took a look at Chrome’s built-in FPS counter to measure frame rate and smoothness when scrolling through a site with dynamically generated content. For our test, we used a Google+ page. The counter was steady as content was loading with very little stuttering when scrolling down the page.

ASUS C300 Chromebook Google+ Screen Capture

HD Video Test. To test HD video playback, we used the Nvidia PureVideo HD Test video on YouTube using the “Stats for Nerds” feature, which can be accessed by clicking on the video’s context menu. We played the video on 720p (the highest resolution that can be displayed at 1366 × 768), and video playback was smooth with 0 dropped frames for the entirety of the video.

ASUS C300 Chromebook HD Screen Capture

Temperature. At the beginning of the test, we took a unit heat reading while the device was idle. The ASUS C300 measured a temperature of 78˚ F. After 1 hour of the WebGL’s Aquarium test, the temperature had risen to 102˚ F. 4 hours later, at the end of the test, the unit’s heat reading measured 108˚ F. These temperatures were 13˚ F higher after one hour and at the end of testing 16˚ F higher than the device heat readings we recorded in our ASUS C200 Chromebook temperature tests.

Battery Life. Battery life is a crucial factor for successful Chromebook deployments. The test we used for battery life was the previously mentioned WebGL’s Aquarium test. We started the evaluation with a fully charged battery, WiFi on, and using 10 fish in the test. It took 4 hours and 41 minutes to fully drain the battery. The ASUS C300 has slightly less battery life than the ASUS C200, though it is comparable.


We evaluated the ASUS C300’s design, performance, and battery life and discovered the C300 to be a fast, sleek, and easy to use 13.3” Chromebook.

Additionally, we found that the ASUS C300 has an average boot up speed of 7.74 seconds, an octane score of about 7,281 plugged in, and exceptional HD video performance. The ASUS C300 Chromebook’s long battery life, sophisticated design, and functionality is sure to make it a strong option in the Chromebook marketplace.

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