ASUS Chromebox for Meetings

Released earlier this year, the Asus Chromebox for meetings is a low-cost enterprise videoconferencing solution. Powered by Google Hangouts and a blazing fast Chromebox, Chromebox for meetings delivers high-definition video calls at a fraction of the price of other systems. It includes everything you need, minus the display, to start creating and joining video calls, and setup is a breeze.

The Asus Chromebox for meetings supports video calls with up to 15 participants. That way, you and your coworkers will no longer have to huddle around a laptop just to try to hear and see the people you are meeting with. We’ve all been there.

In addition, the Asus Chromebox offers the ability to create scheduled video meetings with participants via Google Calendar. We’ll cover its specs and performance and give you some ideas on how you can use Chromebox for meetings in your school or organization.

What’s In The Box?

(1) Asus Chromebox for meetings (1) AC Power Adapter (1) Mounting Bracket (1) Mounting Screws (1) User Guide (1) Quick Start Guide (1) Warranty Card (1) Remote Control and USB Receiver (1) Camera with Adhesive Fasteners (1) USB Speakerphone (1) Table Mat (1) 6 ft. HDMI Cable (1) 15 ft. Cat5e Ethernet Cable (1) 15 ft. USB Extension Cable


ASUS Chromebox for meetings everything


Asus Chromebox for meetings Specifications

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The Asus Chromebox for meetings boasts a very small form factor for such a high powered machine. The device can be switched between regular Chrome OS and Chrome for Meetings mode (the default mode optimized for video calls) on bootup. We ran some performance tests in regular Chrome OS mode and were very impressed.

The extra muscle provided by the Intel Core i7 processor became apparent when we ran the Octane benchmark tool. It scored as high as 27,583, which is the highest we’ve seen on a Chrome OS device so far. The additional horsepower is put to use by the Asus Chromebox for meetings to enable HD video stream encryption and decryption.

ASUS CHromebox for meetings Octane


The Asus Chromebox for meetings package includes everything you need to equip a conference room for video calls except the display. It includes a 1080p HD camera with an autofocus lens and the ability to switch resolution based on available bandwidth. For audio, it has a combination omnidirectional microphone/speaker with mute, end call, and volume buttons. To navigate the Hangout interface, there is an RF based remote control with a full QWERTY keypad that doesn’t require line of sight to the device.

Setup and Collaboration Options

Setting up the device for use in the conference room can be accomplished in minutes. Physical installation is straightforward and the box includes hardware for wall mounting if needed. Once the physical setup is complete and the Chromebox is connected to your network, the device is ready to be enrolled.

ASUS Chromebox for meetings chromebox start call copy

The Asus Chromebox for meetings package includes the first year’s management and support license, which is activated once you enroll the device by signing in with a domain account. Then anyone with a gMail account can join.

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Chromebox for meetings in Business

There are many great ways to use Chromebox for meetings in Business. Below are a few different ways your business could use this videoconferencing system:

  • Communicating with other office locations
  • Meeting with partners and customers around the globe
  • Hosting virtual events like webinars and forums
  • Conducting focus group interviews for market research

ASUS Chromebox for meetings regsales copy

Chromebox for meetings in Education

There are a variety of uses for Chromebox for meetings in Education. Gathered below are a few great ways your school could use this videoconferencing system:

  • Virtual classes
  • Guest speakers from around the globe
  • Teacher think tanks
  • Inter-district communication
  • Study groups
  • New student orientation before even stepping on campus
  • Alumni outreach
  • College and career fairs
  • Projects between different schools or colleges


The Asus Chromebox for meetings is hard to beat at this price point. It is ideal for businesses and schools that want an easy to setup and use videoconferencing solution. Users in your organization will be able to create and join video calls in seconds. With the convenience of scheduled meetings through Google Calendar and remote management capabilities for administrators, the Asus Chromebox for meetings will allow you to take collaboration to the next level.

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