3 Ways Chrome Devices Keep Employees Productive

written by Steph Fiorelli

Chrome devices are one of the best technology investments you can make for your business to stay flexible, decrease employee frustrations, and increase engagement and productivity. 

Through near-zero downtime, easy collaboration, and apps and extensions, Chrome devices will help your employees work smarter, not harder.

Chrome Devices are Always Ready to Go

Chromebooks are 9 times faster at booting than Macs and PCs

Ever been ready to start your work day, tried to start your PC up, and then had to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait? Older Macs and PCs can take minutes to boot up, and even newer models’ start up time is 9x slower than a Chromebook, which turns on in approximately five seconds. Chromebooks make it easier for employees to promptly start their day without being frustrated with their technology.

Another annoying time waster? Downloading the latest operating system. It takes between 40 and 70 minutes to download and install High Sierra on a Mac. And updating a PC? A Microsoft community moderator says that with Windows 10, “installation itself could take about 45 mins to 1 hour {but} times have been known to exceed 2 hours to 7 hours.” Wouldn’t you rather have your employees be able to do their jobs instead of waiting around for their computers to update? Depending on the size of your company, you could be losing hundreds of hours of work time to OS updates. Alternatively, Chrome devices check for and download updates automatically when connected to Wi-Fi, so your business will always stay agile with the latest OS.

Overall, Chromebooks have 99.9% uptime. On top of that, they take 90% less labor to support, making Chrome devices a smart choice for efficient, modern businesses.  

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Chrome Devices Make Team Collaboration a Snap!

Google Slides CollaborationHave you ever put all your data into a group Excel file before learning you weren’t editing the most current version? Or have you had a colleague add their section to a report but they forgot to send it back? Having to send multiple versions of a document is aggravating and inefficient. In addition to decimating employee engagement, poor communication between colleagues hinders business growth through lost sales and wasted time.

G Suite’s intelligent applications make collaboration simple and stress-free. Google Hangouts lets teammates instantly get answers and updates through searchable instant messaging and video calls. Further, G Suite documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are updated in real time, so you never again have to worry that you aren’t seeing the most current version of a document. And if you do need something from an older version, G Suite lets you access the document’s previous history.

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Chrome Extensions and Apps Let Employees Personalize Productivity

Between the Google Play Store and the Chrome Web Store, workers will be able to customize their Chrome devices to work efficiently and effectively. There are several million apps and extensions that can help employees work better, through time management, accessibility, mindfulness, and creative tools. Here are some of our favorites at Promevo:

gPanelgPanel logo: Ever needed a vital document from a colleague who was on vacation? Don’t let the absence slow your business down! We created gPanel to eliminate this bottleneck by letting your G Suite administrator share files-or even entire Google Drives- between coworkers. gPanel is a lifesaver when deadlines meet time off.

Momentummomentum logo: Each new tab can be a time to refresh and refocus. Momentum pairs gorgeous natural photography with inspirational quotes for a calming way to revive employees. At the beginning of the day, users can fill out a to-do list that they see when they open a new tab, reminding them of what they need to finish and making them consider if the new tab will help them achieve the day’s goals.

Grammarlygrammarly logo: Get a second set of eyes on your writing with Grammarly! The extension checks your text’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation to ensure that you are publishing your best work. Grammarly alerts you to suspected issues and explains the reason for their correction. Then you can manually decide if their suggestions make sense to your work and accept or reject the revision. While the extension itself doesn’t support Google Docs, a quick copy and paste into the web app will enable the editor.

An easy way to boost employee engagement and productivity is by giving them technology that makes it easier to do their jobs. By deploying Chrome devices, you’ll not only be saving money on downtime and miscommunications, but you are also making a strategic investment in your employees and the future of your company.

Promevo can help your school, business, or organization achieve all of your technology goals. As a Google Premier Partner, we can outfit you with the best Chromebooks for your needs, supply you with G Suite licenses, and provide extended support, so you’ll get the most out of your Chrome devices!

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