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With the announcement of Google’s rebranding, a lot of things have changed.  Google for Work is now Google Cloud, and Google Apps is G Suite.  With this change comes new features, new logos, and new ways to engage our customers.  But one thing has not changed, and that is Google and Promevo’s commitment to helping businesses succeed and grow.  To speak on this, we took the opportunity to sit down with Colin MaCarthy from Essence, a global digital marketing company.  Colin is the Associate Director of IT in North America, and helped bring Essence and Promevo together.

essencelogo_749x280pxEssence believes that digital advertising done right is more meaningful and more effective.  Founded in 2005, they work exclusively in the field of digital marketing, helping some of the world’s top brands.  Beginning with one office in London, England, Essence now employs over 600 individuals in ten offices across five continents.

Essence was already using G Suite when Colin joined the company in 2010, but the company faced a new set of challenges when they decided to open up an office in New York City.  This was a key step in their plans to expand the company globally, and Colin knew it needed to be done right.  His team did their research and contacted Promevo.


In this case study, find out how G Suite and Promevo helped Essence make their global dreams a reality.  See how G Suite enabled Essence to create a scalable solution for their IT needs, unite their offices under one domain, and streamline collaboration, and how Promevo provided the services and support to make it happen.  Essence is best at what they do, and with Promevo and Google, they’re taking those skills all over the world.

Thank you again to Colin and the IT team at Essence for taking the time to share your story with us!


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John Prijatel

John Prijatel

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John Prijatel