So you probably use Gmail on a daily basis, but are you familiar with all that it has to offer? How well do you really know it?

For instance, did you know that now you can access other email accounts through your Gmail account? You can check and send emails from your other email accounts, like Yahoo and Outlook, all from within your Gmail account. Check out how to manage multiple accounts here.

If you didn’t know about this new feature, there might be some other capabilities you don’t know about. We want you to be able to fully use all the awesome features of Gmail, so we’ve gathered a few downloadable resources below to give you some useful tips.

Learn about keyboard shortcuts to save time, organize your Gmail inbox with filters, and experiment with Gmail labs using these resources.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook keyboard gmail

Even if you use Gmail a lot, you probably don’t know about all the shortcuts that can save you time. This downloadable resource provides you with a number of keyboard shortcuts, such as how to insert a link with ctrl + k or how to delete a message with the # key.

Take a look at this resource to learn keyboard shortcuts for:

  • Chat, compose, and messages
  • Format
  • Navigating Gmail
  • Moving and marking selected messages
  • Search operators and shortcuts

Download Your Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Here

Use Gmail Filters for Mighty Email Management


Your Gmail inbox can quickly become disorganized as you get tons of messages each day. Luckily, Gmail has a way to organize similar messages using filters. Manage your inbox so emails do not get buried, keep  emails from a specific group together, and quickly find the messages concerning that project you are working on. Apply labels, color code message categories, archive, have messages forwarded, and more, all with Gmail filters.

In this downloadable guide you will learn how to:

  • Define which messages to filter
  • Designate what actions to take on filtered messages
  • Manage your filters in Gmail settings

Download Gmail Filters for Mighty Email Management

The Most Recommended Gmail & Calendar Labs


So you have learned keyboard shortcuts and how to use email filters. Now it’s time to experiment. Have you heard about Google Labs? They are experimental features that you can add to Gmail and Google Calendar to customize and enhance these apps. One great lab mentioned in this resource is Canned Responses. This lab allows you to save draft emails so that all you have to change is the recipient. You can save your common responses and even send them out automatically using filters.

In addition to Canned Responses, you can have some fun experimenting and save time with Gmail labs like:

  • Apps Search
  • Google Calendar gadget
  • Quick Links
  • And more

Download The Most Recommended Gmail & Calendar Labs

Want to Browse More Resources?

Here at Promevo we love to provide you with tips about Google Apps and Chrome to help you along on your Google journey. If you would like to look over more guides and white papers, check out Promevo’s Resource Page.

Interested in Gmail and Google Apps?

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