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At Promevo, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of working with Google.  As a small business that has grown quickly over the years, we love having opportunities to help other businesses grow through Google Apps.  So, we were thrilled to sit down with one of our customers, Joe Vandervest, CIO and System Admin of Campbell Marketing & Communications, to discuss his company’s Google life journey.  

Founded in 1982, Campbell focuses on web design, event coordination, social media campaigns and product design, with a particularly strong presence in the automotive industry.  Adapting to the digital age, Campbell needed an email platform that could keep up with their growth and progress.  They had tried different evolutions of email servers over the years, but struggled to find a solution that was reliable, affordable, and adaptable.

Promevo - Campbell Marketing - Google Apps

In 2008 and 2009, Campbell made the switch to Google Apps, and eventually began working with Promevo when Joe and his team saw the need for more extensive user management features, becoming one of our earliest gPanel customers.  Since the switch, Campbell has saved over $100,000, in addition to benefitting from the real-time collaboration and centralized management provided by Google Apps for Work and gPanel.

Since gPanel is always growing and evolving based on user feedback, Promevo has greatly appreciated having Campbell as a longtime gPanel user.  And it sounds like the feeling is mutual.  “[Promevo’s] tech support side has always been great to work with.  Fast, knowledgeable, efficient, and outcome-oriented.”  And when a company that works in the motorsports industry says something is fast and efficient, I’ll take their word for it.


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John Prijatel

John Prijatel

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John Prijatel