Promevo strongly believes that technology is the future of education. From the very beginning of Google for Education, we have been committed to helping schools and educators get the software, devices, and training they need to be successful in the classroom. To continue on this commitment, Promevo is proud to announce the launch of a new line of STEM products in our online shop.

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Promevo has forged new partnerships in order to bring our customers the best STEM products on the market, including STEM learning software, robotics kits, and 3D printers. Each of these products offers teachers exciting new ways to engage students in the classroom. And students will have the chance to learn important skills, like coding, engineering, and 3D modeling. Keep reading to learn more about our awesome new partners and these amazing products.


The foundation for any successful STEM program is the curriculum. It’s not just knowing the right subjects to teach, but knowing how to make it interesting for students. That’s where the fine folks at STEM Fuse come in. STEM Fuse develops curriculum for schools looking to create more focus around STEM education. This software provides supplementary material to add STEM skills and challenges to a variety of subjects, with courses designed for elementary, middle, and high school curriculums.

The curriculum is fully web based, so setup is quick and easy, and the courses provide instructions for the teachers, as well as content for the students. STEM Fuse gives students topics and challenges to increase their understanding of science and technology, and covers subject areas such as English, health, and social studies as well.  There are also speciality courses available for Java programming, in addition to game and web design. The goal of STEM Fuse is to create content that is engaging for students and practical for schools. And we here at Promevo are excited to be a part of that goal.


So, your students are excited about STEM education, but where do you go from there? One awesome option is to bring littleBits into your classroom. These easy-to-use electronic building blocks are here to unleash the inner inventor in your students. Use littleBits to build all sorts of machines, from bubble-blowing rockets to remote-control cars, and everything in between.

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littleBits are color-coded by function to help students learn and understand how the pieces need to fit together. They’re also magnetic, so they’re easy to assemble and totally reusable, so you can create innovative projects again and again. The kits include challenges and additional companion lessons, so teachers can plan exciting lessons around these interactive models.  With littleBits, students will learn valuable coding and engineering skills, while having a blast showcasing their creativity and problem-solving.

3D Printers

3D printers are one of the most exciting innovations in recent memory.  These machines open up new worlds of possibility for innovation, and, as a result, provide educators with new ways of engaging their students.  Promevo is proud to partner with two awesome companies to bring our customers the best 3D printing options for schools.



Dremel, a producer of fine maker tools for decades, believes that the 3D printer is the maker tool of the future. Now, the same professionalism and attention to detail that goes into their rotaries and saws has created the Dremel Idea Builder line of 3D printers. These printers feature on-board software and Wifi connectivity to get you creating your own models fast. And the large build platform, clog-resistant extruder, and enhanced cooling system make the Idea Builder safe, efficient, and reliable. With Dremel, students can create their own 3D models, and watch their ideas become reality.


Promevo is also thrilled to offer the MakerBot Replicator line of 3D printers. MakerBot was one of the first companies to create affordable 3D printers for schools and businesses, and their Replicator line is the latest and greatest from this trusted manufacturer. These printers are fast, reliable, and allow you to build multiple items at the same time. MakerBot wants to empower students to become the innovators of tomorrow, and the Replicator printers are up to the task.

In addition to the 3D printers, we offer all the accessories you’ll need, like extra filament, to keep students printing all year long.  In addition, we have special bundle offers for your convenience.  Get everything you need to start a 3D printing lab at your school, all for one great price.

Schools are pushing more than ever before to integrate technology into everyday student life.  Even the federal government is making concentrated efforts to improve STEM education in our nation’s schools.  Promevo is proud to be a part of the solution.  By offering these STEM products in addition to our impressive lineup of Chrome devices and accessories, Promevo hopes to continue to be the one-stop-shop for your classroom technology needs.


Stay tuned to PromevoTV for all the latest news about Google, Chrome, and our new STEM line!

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