Here at Promevo, we would not be the company we are today without our many partnerships. Our partnerships give us the ability to offer our customers, multiple product options, as well as the ability to offer a holistic solution—a one-stop shop for all of your buying needs. One of those partners is InfoCase, Inc. We have proudly been partners with InfoCase for over a year.


InfoCase is a small privately owned company based out of the Cincinnati area. For over 24 years, they have been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of cases, harnesses, and other mobile accessories for portable computing. Their products provide industry leading device protection. InfoCase offers a diverse product line for various enterprise verticals however, their sweet spot is for the K–12 market.

In 1996 they found that a local school, Cincinnati Country Day School, was in need of a solution that would protect their laptops from the rigors of everyday use, both inside and outside the classroom. At that time, InfoCase was transitioning over into the  K–12 market. The unique value InfoCase brought to the market was the ability to design products to help schools prevent loss of learning time caused by excess device damage, and subsequent repairs. The strength of relationship building has always been, and remains today, a priority of the InfoCase team. The small company has experienced exponential growth because of their understanding of the market, and the ability to create great products.

InfoCase designs all of their cases in-house. Building on a 24 year tradition, the design team continues to evolve the company’s entire line of products. Currently, InfoCase offers cases for every major brand of Chromebook, as well as Always-On cases for most major tablets. They also have Always-On cases designed to fit inside charging carts.

giphyThe cases are designed to protect devices from all accidental mishaps. While we were visiting InfoCase’s HQ, we got the chance to put their cases to the test. We placed a Chromebook in the InfoCase Classmate Always-On Case and performed several drop tests. The first test was from about six feet high.The device was fine
and the case showed no sign of impact or abrasion. The second drop was from the top of a ladder, about a 15 foot drop, and the device was still did not show any signs of damage. For the last drop, we threw the case as high as we could, about 45 feet up into the air. It wasn’t until then that the Chromebook suffered damage. It’s pretty obvious that if the Chromebook in the Always-On Case can survive us and our rigorous drop tests, it can surely survive in any classroom environment.

InfoCase also features a K–12 resource center on their website where they have resources for schools 1:1 programs. The page has a wide variety of resources based around 1:1 handbooks, appropriate device usage, installation guides, and case studies.  The site also provides drop test videos which were created by various schools who use InfoCase products. You can check that resource out HERE.

Promevo is proud to be partners with InfoCase and we are looking forward to what the future holds for us both. To watch Promevo.TV’s latest video about InfoCase click HERE, or watch below. To learn more about InfoCase, check out their website HERE. And, to see the options we offer for all of your Chromebook case needs, click HERE.



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