Lenovo has always excelled at building Chromebooks based on educator’s needs; fast, durable, easy-to-use, and a price that won’t break the bank.  On these criteria, the new Lenovo Chromebook N42 definitely delivers.  Add in the bonus of a sweet 14” high-resolution screen, and you have an awesome choice for both teachers and students.




While smaller devices are often great options, there are certainly some advantages to a larger display. Reading text, organizing tabs on the screen, and collaboration among multiple students all become easier when there is more space to work with. However, a larger device normally means a higher price point. Schools frequently ask about optimum-sized devices, but are often deterred by the greater cost of a larger device.


Lenovo has heard these concerns and responded with the Lenovo Chromebook N42.  Providing schools with a large-screen option at a small-screen price, the N42 gives you all the benefit of a 14” inch device, without any of the drawbacks. Weighing in at only 3.3 lbs, and less than an inch tall when closed, this Chromebook can easily be carried from home to school or fit into a backpack.  Even with a case or shell on the device, you’re good to go.



Not that you’ll need extra protection with this Chromebook. The N42 boasts a rugged form factor that includes reinforcements around the ports and hinges for added durability.  The keyboard is spill resistance and features anti-peel keys to prevent accidental removal.  Combined with a sealed touchpad and a fanless design, the N42 is ready for anything the school year can throw at it.




Hardware & Performance

The Lenovo N42 isn’t going to blow you away with its speed, but with a modern Braswell chipset and a choice between 2GB or 4GB of RAM, this Chromebook is designed to keep up with your productivity. The 1.60 GHz processor speed is comparable to many of the other K-12 devices currently on the market, and gives you plenty of power.  And with Chrome OS, you’ll be able to run Docs, Sheets, Slides, and a whole host of apps seamlessly.  Setup is a breeze too.  Just log in with your Google account and instantly sync to your settings, data, and apps, all from the Cloud.




Touchscreen Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular in K-12 settings, and Lenovo gives educators that option with the N42 Touch.  So, if you’re looking forward to running Android Apps on Chrome, or just like the accessibility of a touch device, there is a N42 model for you .  Whether for teachers or students, the 14” display gives you plenty of room to take advantage of the touch capabilities.  And while the price does jump up on the touchscreen model, it is still one of the most affordable touch Chromebooks around.




Wrap Up

If schools are looking for a student or teacher device designed for productivity, then I highly recommend checking out the Lenovo Chromebook N42. Portable, powerful, and well-priced, the N42 gives you exactly what you need to get through your entire school day. And with up to 11 hours of battery life, we do mean the entire school day. After-school drama club included.

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