Chromebox for meetings brings together Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps in an easy-to-manage Chromebox, making it simpler for any company to have high-definition video meetings. Any company can upgrade their meeting rooms with a new Chromebox, built on the Chrome principles of speed, simplicity and security.

So if you’ve purchased your Chromebox for meetings(CFM) device already or are looking to upgrade your meeting room, we’ve created a 4-part video series just for you! From the unboxing to configuring advanced features on your Chromebox for meetings, we’ve got your step-by-step instructions!

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In part one of the 4-part video series, we’re showing off all of the gadgets within the Chromebox for meetings package in order to make your set up as easy as possible.

This video shows you the step-by-step process for setting up your Chromebox for meetings device in just minutes.

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So you’re plugged in, now what? Part three of our series will walk you through the configuration of your Chromebox for meetings device so that it’s customizable to your company.

Now you’re a pro! But before you get started, we’ll talk you through some of the advanced features of the Chromebox for meetings and answer some of the frequently asked questions from our other customers!

It’s time to upgrade your meetings and get the most out of  your work day! If you haven’t purchased your Chromebox for Meetings device, be sure to head over to and get your devices today!


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