Over the last year, the Education market has been dominated by Chromebooks. A market analysis can prove that OEMs had one goal in mind- create the most affordable Chromebook option. These options are great for any school or district that may need to purchase several hundred Chromebooks for students. But now the question has become, “what about the Business world?” Can these devices that were built for Education perform and provide for the modern worker? For the past two years the answer to this question was Google’s own Chromebook Pixel. A powerful, yet pricy option for Chrome lovers. But in recent months, Google has pulled the plug on the Pixel. We have seen Dell make waves in the Chromebooks for Work line with the Dell Chromebook 13, as well as Asus with the Asus Chromebook Flip. The top of the line Dell Chromebook 13 packs an Intel Core i5, giving it the best performance of any Chromebook on the market, but as always with technology, time creates something better. Today, HP released just that.

IMG_3579Meet the all new HP Chromebook 13 G1, the thinnest and lightest Chromebook ever made. It sports a brushed anodized aluminum chassis, delivering a sophisticated impression for the mobile professional. Fully immersed into the new era of charging, the left side has 2 USB Type-C ports that can all be used for power, input, and output. As well as 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, and 1 headphone/microphone combo jack. On the right side you’ll find one single MircoSD Card readIMG_3578er. HP also introduced a new speaker system that is worth the money. It has Bang & Olufsen PLAY Audio, dual speakers, that reside underneath the screen at the top of the keyboard. Most other Chromebooks on the market have speakers towards the bottom-side of the keyboard, or even on the bottom of the device itself. 

One of the most significant advances of this Chromebook is that it can be purchased with one of the new 6th Generation Intel Core M processors (m-5, m-5, m-7) and up to 16 GB in Ram. The base model launches with the Intel Pentium Processor 4450Y ($499), while the top of the line model is equipped with the Intel Core m-7 6Y75. The Core m-7 model is the only one available with 16GB ram and runs for $1029.

Overall, this is one stylish and powerful device. As there has been a recent shift in new work devices for Chromebooks, you can expect this one to end up on the top of the list. Head over to and purchase yours today!




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