Promevo + Google = Awesome²

Promevo is a 100% Google Apps company. If it’s about Google Apps we know it and sell it. We believe that Google is awesome! We also believe that Promevo makes Google Apps more awesome. Therefore, Google and Promevo equals Awesome². To illustrate this in a formula:

Promevo + Google = Awesome²

We want to represent this belief in awesome drawings. These illustrations represent Promevo + Google = Awesome². The image will contain something awesome (a T-Rex) and something else awesome (a cowboy). Combine the two for even more awesome (a cowboy riding a T-Rex). All drawings will quite simply be Awesome².

So, every month we will publish a new Awesome² drawing for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to pass these drawings around the social outlets so others can experience funism as well.


[nggallery id=1]

What do you think?